Beliefs in foreign language learning: listening to teachers and students’ voices

Research-based studies in Argentinian and Brazilian educational contexts
María Inés Valsecchi, María Celina Barbeito y Graciela Placci (Editors)
ISBN 978-987-688-422-8
173 págs.

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This volume compiles several studies about language learning and teaching beliefs so as to ofer the reader a complete description on the topic of beliefs and their impact on the EFL classroom.
The diferent chapters provide rich accounts about diferent contexts in which EFL is taught and learnt, research methodologies that have guided inquiry into beliefs, and pedagogical perspectives regarding the relationship between beliefs and practice. Part I describes the context and main findings of a large-scale research study conducted by a group of university teachers and researchers from the UNRC. Each of the six chapters focuses on different aspects of the study: theoretical framework, context of the study, instrument design, and the most salient findings.
Part II presents findings on the impact of beliefs in relation to emotions, content vocabulary learning, oral corrective feedback, the intercultural dimension and peace language. The book is addressed to researchers and teachers who will find valuable contextual information about how teachers and students understand EFL teaching and learning.


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